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High Risk Payment Solutions for High Risk Merchants 

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Ever had issues with your payment processor? Do you feel like you are never really in control of YOUR money....long drawn out application process, approvals that seem to take forever, not receiving deposits when you were promised, ridiculous rolling reserves and upfront reserves or limits to how quickly you can grow YOUR business with ridiculous processing limits?


You have found the solution to all your processing problems. With PaybyCheck and you can run YOUR business YOUR way.

Take Your Customer's Check Information by phone, fax or on your web site.

PaybyCheck's Check Solutions Increase Orders by 8 - 20%

Check payment solutions are perfect for merchants who do not want to pay high credit card rates and lose control of their cash flow.

PaybyCheck or preauthorized checks are checks that you write on behalf of your customers to pay the amount owed to you. No action is required on the part of your customers if you use preauthorized checks. Preauthorized checks don't even need your customers' signatures.

PaybyCheck is simple and easy to use.

  • Take Your Customer's Check Information by phone, fax or on your web site.
  • The buyer enters name, address, phone, as well as bank routing and account number (for check by phone orders, your customer provides the bank account information to your service agent who enters the data into a virtual terminal.)
  • Enter the Information into our Secure Online Gateway
  • We scrub the checking account information against our national check databases for verification of good accounts.
  • All verified and approved checks will be printed, processed and the checks are deposited directly to your bank account.

Benefits of PaybyCheck:

  • Boost Revenues and Improve Cash Flow Immediately
  • Solution fees are 50% + less than credit card /debit card processing fees
  • No Rolling Reserves or Upfront Reserve Fees
  • No Credit Checks
  • Reach 30 - 40% More Customers....those who do not have credit cards
  • Handle your recurring billing for you
  • Expand Your Market Reach
  • We can customize your payment solution to fit YOUR business model
  • Access your funds same day or next day

"According to the Federal Reserve, next to cash, checks are the most frequently used method of completing transactions. "